Music projects

 Rwanda Academy of Music 

The Rwanda Academy of Music is a proposal that Janielle is currently working on in collaboration with a team of Rwandan musicians. It will be the first music education social enterprise of its kind in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. Led by local musicians, the academy will train future music teaching artists with a social change ethos and raise a generation skilled in traditional African, classical, and contemporary music.

In Rwanda today, a vibrant landscape of contemporary and traditional music highlights the creative contribution of local and diaspora musicians. The past two decades has seen Rwanda pilot some of the world’s most progressive policies: they have the highest proportion of women in parliament (~61%), universal healthcare, public education, and have banned the use of plastic bags. In this environment of ongoing reform, our founding team recognizes the transformative potential of music in education and the economic industry.

Music-making enriches communal identity, creative expression, and life-transferable skills such as self-discipline, critical thinking, team work, and empathy – qualities which undergird responsible citizenship. However at present, limited music education opportunities exist within public schools, and musicians who seek advanced certification find it only in neighboring countries. Self-taught musicians and community members in Kigali have expressed the urgency for a formal music institution. 

At this intersection of need and opportunity, the Rwanda Academy of Music proposes a multi-staged initiative that begins with our flagship Teaching Artistry Training for local musicians. It is foundational to our broader vision of a music academy for the community and schools partnership program to deliver tailored music curriculum where none exists. The academy will be sustained by its program tuition, scholarship support for students, and partnerships that amplify local expertise.


As Rwanda’s musicians continue to pave the way for future generations by preserving rhythms, sounds, and stories that have unified the people, the Rwanda Academy of Music will build upon this growing legacy of transformation by providing accessible, locally-directed music education with a community-impact focus. Together, we will contribute to the continued artistic revival, economic prosperity, and social transformation underway in Rwanda. 

For more information and to access the full prospectus, please fill the Contact form.

 songs of peace in a city of war

Since Janielle moved to Kabul, Afghanistan in 2018, she has been moved and inspired to write songs about the stories, people, and moments she has encountered in a city of war, oppression, and heartache. She continues to add to this collection, entitled Songs of Peace in a City of War. 

She envisions this as a future music project that will involve creative collaborations, songwriting, and music recording drawing from her network of musician and artist friends from nations around the world in current and post-conflict contexts.